local missions

The purpose of the Local Missions Team is to review requests from the community

and meet those needs when it's possible!

Here is a snippet of some of the work of our Local Missions Team:

  1. We donated several used computers to families that did not have computers.
  2. We were able to provide living room and dining furniture to a young couple.
  3. A dryer was provided to a single father and later repairs were provided for this dryer. 
  4. We have assisted several non-church people with needed computer service.
  5. All these items were donated by members of Villa Heights.

In addition, our team also works with Care Portal. Care Portal is a regional partnership of many churches and local Child Protective Services (CPS) with the primary goal of keeping children with their biological families. Or return children to their biological parents/family. Often times children cannot get out of foster care due to the family lacking basic needs, such as beds or other household items. CPS makes these needs known to Care Portal and that’s where Villa Heights and other churches come in... we do our best to fill those needs and share the love of Jesus while doing so. Here are some things our team has done working with Care Portal:

  1. We have provided 3 families with laptop computers that were donated by a church member.
  2. We provided a bunk bed and mattresses to a young mother who had just exited a drug rehab program. In order to get her two young children back she needed a place for them to sleep. Another church provided bed linens to this mother.
  3. Our team provided meals for two days to TAP for a camp they were having.
  4. We shared with other churches to meet the needs of a single grandmother who took custody of three young granddaughters.
  5. We worked with WDBJ7 and Foot Locker in a shoe drive for area youth.
  6. Provided a grandmother with a pack-n-play bassinet for a substance exposed infant.

We have a budget to cover most of these needs. Ideas and suggestions are appreciated. One of the biggest obstacles we have is how to share these needs with our church family.